Fixed compensation translated – 5 – Compensation grids

Compensation grids are where you finally combine levels with reference points and add the financial values. The financial values you enter here are what will control how much workers get paid (although there’s one setting in fixed compensation plans that allows you to override this, but we’ll get to that later). Because we’re entering actual … Read more

Fixed compensation translated – 4 – Reference points

This bit is easy. Reference points represent any fixed point within your pay structure that needs to be assigned a financial value. For grades and bands, that’s pretty similar. As a bare minimum you’ll almost certainly have a maximum and a minimum that will indicate the top and bottom of a grade or band. You … Read more

Fixed compensation translated – 3 – Levels

Once you’ve got your head around your pay structures and bands vs grades vs steps – the concept of ‘Levels’ as they exist in Talent (and FinOps, and AX, etc etc) is an easy one. The Level is the result of the JE process, the thing which will indicate the applicable salary range. Now, because … Read more

Fixed compensation translated – 2 – Key concepts

So you’re taking the plunge and getting fixed compensation setup properly, rather than cheating and using a custom field to just stick a salary value in. Well done, you’ll thank yourself for it later, there are quite a few cool little features within the compensation module that you don’t get to use if you bypass … Read more

How to set up email notifications for leave requests – 5 – Running the batch jobs to send the emails

So in theory now, your emails should be generating, and sitting ready to go. This is because the batch jobs that are needed in Talent to run workflows and generate notifications are on by default. The batch job used to send the emails however, needs to be activated. First of all, check that your emails … Read more

How to set up email notifications for leave requests – 4 – Mapping your template to your workflow

We’re getting closer to actually sending some emails out now… At this stage you need to go back to your workflow, tell it which email template to use, and also give that email some content. When we entered ‘%message%’ in the HTML file, we were telling Talent to use the message data from the workflow … Read more