What’s new – Use organisation service accounts to send emails from Attract

This is probably the single most requested feature in Attract – and now it’s live! How to set up your emails so that they come from a nominated organisation account instead of the default Microsoft ‘Dynamics 365 for Talent’ accounts. Disclaimer – I’ve been testing this this week and have found a couple of bugs … Read more

How to set up email notifications for leave requests – 5 – Running the batch jobs to send the emails

So in theory now, your emails should be generating, and sitting ready to go. This is because the batch jobs that are needed in Talent to run workflows and generate notifications are on by default. The batch job used to send the emails however, needs to be activated. First of all, check that your emails … Read more

How to set up email notifications for leave requests – 4 – Mapping your template to your workflow

We’re getting closer to actually sending some emails out now… At this stage you need to go back to your workflow, tell it which email template to use, and also give that email some content. When we entered ‘%message%’ in the HTML file, we were telling Talent to use the message data from the workflow … Read more

How to set up email notifications for leave requests – 1 – importing the workflow

There’s not much point in doing your leave management in Talent, if you still have to ping an email to your manager to tell them you’ve submitted a leave request before they know to go in and approve it. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a techie. I’m a HR user who started pressing … Read more

Let’s talk about privacy for addresses and contacts

I’ve been working with a company lately who were at risk of falling foul of GDPR, because the partner they were previously working with hadn’t properly secured their workers’ address and contact info during the data migration phase. We fixed it for them, but it was fiddly, and cost a few quid in hours spent … Read more