Fixed compensation translated – 7 – Fixed compensation actions

If you’re an old hand with these products you might be familiar with a feature called ‘Personnel Actions’. I’m stewing on that for a future blog post but if you don’t know anything about it, don’t worry. If you do know about it, you’re probably aware that fixed compensation actions are required even if personnel actions are not enabled. Fixed comp actions, like personnel actions, allow us to capture details about the change we’re making, at the same time as making the change itself. Like personnel actions, they give you more of an audit trail around changes which is particularly useful when we’re talking about pay.

Fixed compensation actions are defined under Compensation management > Links > Fixed compensation > Fixed compensation actions. You use them in several different scenarios:

  • When you’re hiring, rehiring or transferring a worker and need to assign pay
  • When you’re making an in role change to an employee’s pay manually
  • When you’re conducting a mass update of fixed compensation using ‘Compensation processes’

Remember how we asked ourselves the question way back in the first post about why someone’s pay might change in role? Well now we need to take those reasons and create fixed comp actions. Different actions are then displayed in different scenarios depending on where the action is initiated (e.g. through manager self service vs through the HR back end) and what type of action it is. Worth noting that it’s possible to add workflow to an fixed compensation action when it’s initiated in self service, and you can use the actions as conditions in that workflow.

When I’m setting this up for customers, I tend to just lift the samples given in trial environments as a starting point. If they don’t have step plans we might take some options out, and they might want to change the language around ‘Step’ to read ‘Increment’ – but typically I find that this gives a good foundation to work from.

Fixed compensation actions screenshot

When the actions are set, you’re ready to go and create plans.

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