What’s new – ‘fix’ that years of service figure

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a really big difference. This is one of those little things that people have been asking me about for ages, but I’ve never had a perfect answer for. Until now… What’s it called? The feature is called ‘Years of service calculation’ in the feature management workspace. Why should … Read more

What’s new – Workflow experience enhancements

What’s it called? This feature (still in preview at time of writing) is called ‘Workflow experience enhancements’, you can find it in the feature management workspace. Why should I be interested? There’s a small, seemingly minor, change in this feature which will be of value to anyone who uses any sort of workflow in the … Read more

Changing how leave balances display in ESS

Every so often working with Talent I’ll stumble on a parameter that either I haven’t noticed before, or that’s been recently added. I had that experience today with a drop down under Human resource parameters > Leave and absence. It was marked ‘Balance calculation’ and seemed to have defaulted to ‘Balance as of today’. The … Read more