New name, new hashtag, new focus

I should have seen it coming really. I was warned. There was no excuse.

‘Naming your blog after a Microsoft product will send you bankrupt in domain names‘ (Joel Leichty, 2019).

Well fool me once, Microsoft, shame on you. Fool me twice? No chance.

Having – slightly to my surprise and despite having a rather common name – found my own name available with a sensible domain extension, and seeing as I have no immediate plans to change my name again (long story, ask me another time), I’m migrating. You will now find over on That’s Elliott with two Ls and two Ts please. Can you tell I have to say that a lot?!

All the content’s been migrated, including comments, so if there was one particular post you referred back to regularly (like me and the workflow walkthrough) – it’s still there and it hasn’t changed.

So what has changed?

Well obviously, the product I wrote most about isn’t called ‘Talent’ any more, it’s now Dynamics 365 for Human Resources. A bit less catchy, but a lot more sensible. Seeing as it’s the same product with a different name, nearly everywhere you read the word ‘Talent’, you can substitute in ‘HR’ and what I’ve written will still apply.

But I also want to write about more than just D365 HR. I’ve been banging on to anyone who’ll listen that ‘doing HR’ in the Microsoft stack is about way more than just the Dynamics app, and changing the name of the blog gives me a bit more license to show what I mean. So the focus has shifted from ‘the adventures of an HR user in Dynamics 365’ to ‘HR solutions for a Microsoft world’. That means I can go seriously off topic, and talk about things like Office Forms, Sharepoint, Teams, and all sorts of other things that your average HR user might not know about, without anybody judging me.

The Dynamics walkthroughs will still come through from time to time, they’ll just be interspersed with whatever other stuff takes my fancy.

So stay tuned for a bit more variation.

And conveniently, I can change the ‘#TalentTipsTuesday‘ hashtag to ‘#TopTipsTuesday‘ without losing the alliteration.

Everyone’s a winner.


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