Changing how leave balances display in ESS

Every so often working with Talent I’ll stumble on a parameter that either I haven’t noticed before, or that’s been recently added. I had that experience today with a drop down under Human resource parameters > Leave and absence. It was marked ‘Balance calculation’ and seemed to have defaulted to ‘Balance as of today’. The alternative option was ‘Balance as of accrual period’.

Balance calculation parameter

I’ve been back through about six months of release notes, but I couldn’t see exactly when this parameter was added. It’s quite possible that it’s been there ages and I’ve just never noticed it. But I thought I’d have a little play to see what it did.

I’ve got a test user with Employee roles in my latest trial environment, and they’ve got an approved, future dated leave request that sits within the current leave period. When they go to self service, there’s a tile marked ‘time off balances’. When the balance calculation parameter is set to ‘Balance as of today’, their leave balance doesn’t reflect requests which have been approved, but which are in the future.

Time off balance

When I switch the parameter over to the ‘Balance as of accrual period’ though, the balance now seems to reflect the end of the accrual period, as it now includes leave which I’ve requested and had approved but not yet taken.

It also seems to affect the balances tile found in the People workspace:

People hub balance tile

Nice little feature this – there seems to be no problem in toggling between the two options even once there has been leave booked (unlike the switch between booking leave in hours or days). Has anyone found anywhere else that it has impact?


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