Controlling access to Attract and Onboard from the default Core HR dashboard

When Talent launched in 2017, two of the most exciting bits of the product were the new ‘experience’ apps – Attract and Onboard, which dealt with the processes needed to get a new recruit successfully into your business. Both apps are accessible in a few ways – one being via the default dashboard. As standard, … Read more

How to handle workers who don’t use their actual names

We all know them. They walk among us. People who don’t use the names their parents gave them. They’ve been causing HR people headaches for years. You can’t find them in alpha lists, the payroll department never know who you’re talking about and you risk public ridicule (not to mention GDPR complaints) if you accidentally … Read more

How to make worker addresses date effective

If you’ve read my ‘About’ page, you’ll know that I was raised in a SAP world when it comes to HRIS. And if you’ve ever touched SAP, you’ll know that it is OBSESSED with dates. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and one of the features I found hardest to get my head around in … Read more

Let’s talk about privacy for addresses and contacts

I’ve been working with a company lately who were at risk of falling foul of GDPR, because the partner they were previously working with hadn’t properly secured their workers’ address and contact info during the data migration phase. We fixed it for them, but it was fiddly, and cost a few quid in hours spent … Read more

Disabling payment method in employee self service

Payment methods are enabled by default in the employee self service workspace in Talent. But given that there are no payroll features there, depending on the broader HRIS landscape, a lot of people choose to switch off this tab. I used to do this by removing the relevant security privilege from the employee role, but … Read more

How do I customise Talent?

This is a question I’m seeing asked again and again and again – so I thought I’d get some content out there that explains how Talent is customised. This is intended to be an overview – and I’m assuming a degree of knowledge about the Dynamics suite in general, and the broader Microsoft stack (including … Read more