How to do quick and dirty ad hoc reporting in Talent

TL:DR – the Excel add-in combined with Power Query is the ad hoc reporting tool you’ve been looking for. And it’s free. One of my favourite things about Talent is the analytics dashboards that are published in most of the workspaces. No sooner have you entered your first worker records than these great visuals start … Read more

Controlling access to Attract and Onboard from the default Core HR dashboard

When Talent launched in 2017, two of the most exciting bits of the product were the new ‘experience’ apps – Attract and Onboard, which dealt with the processes needed to get a new recruit successfully into your business. Both apps are accessible in a few ways – one being via the default dashboard. As standard, … Read more

Managing performance – 6 – setting goals

I’ve put this separate from the review posts, because goal setting is something that happens in most performance processes, whether you’re running any formal reviews or not. In Talent, goal setting can work as a completely independent activity. It has its own tile in self service, requires minimal setup, and can be a useful feature … Read more

Managing performance – 4 – review templates

When you’ve decided how the process should work, and where the hand offs are between the worker and the manager, you can create review templates that help both parties capture the right information for the review. Templates are an interesting concept in Talent, because the out-of-the-box employee and manager roles don’t force you to use … Read more

Managing performance – 3 – review types

Review types is where most of the heavy lifting gets done in terms of controlling how your review process works (obviously, if you’re doing performance without reviews, you can skip this bit). For each review type you create, you can select criteria that determine how reviews of this category work. There are five criteria: Enable … Read more

Managing performance – 2 – reviews and performance periods

Just to be 100% clear – because it’s one of those terms that could mean several different things – a review in Talent is a formalised checkpoint between the manager and the employee, which gets recorded into the system. Several things are potentially recorded against a review – you might add in goals, to show … Read more

Managing performance – 1 – key concepts

I’m about to kick off a project phase implementing performance management for a customer. It’s not something I do every day, so I’m taking a bit of time to refresh my memory. While I’m doing that, I thought I’d ping out a few posts about how it works (so that refreshing my memory is quicker … Read more

How to handle workers who don’t use their actual names

We all know them. They walk among us. People who don’t use the names their parents gave them. They’ve been causing HR people headaches for years. You can’t find them in alpha lists, the payroll department never know who you’re talking about and you risk public ridicule (not to mention GDPR complaints) if you accidentally … Read more