How to set up a trial environment for Talent

If there’s one question I seem to get asked on an almost weekly basis, it’s this one. ‘I want to learn Talent. How do I get access to an environment?’. Well the good news is it’s really easy, even if you’re not currently working for a Microsoft partner or an organisation using Talent or indeed any of the rest of the Dynamics suite. In this video (with massive apologies for the huge picture of my face in the thumbnail) I’ll walk you through deploying a trial environment.

In the video, I recommend you first deploy an Office 365 trial tenant. A couple of reasons for this. First of all, especially if you’re experimenting with Talent, it stops you creating unnecessary rubbish on your production tenant. Second, because there are free trials available for all sorts of other cool stuff like Power Apps and Power BI, it means you’re really only limited by imagination (and time) in terms of what you can create, rather than licensing.

The Talent trial will last for 60 days. The Office 365 trial is apparently only 30 days, but for some obscure reason I’ve never been kicked out of a Talent trial on the expiry of my O365 trial.

Have fun!

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