What is Attract and what does it cost

A quick one this but one which lots of people have been asking.

Attract (the recruitment bit of Talent) is still available within your average Talent plan. You know, the one that costs $200/month for 5 users. Or the one that comes bundled with Plan 2 / Unified Operations. It’s still there. But Microsoft have been doing a ton of work on it lately, and as a reflection of that, the licensing model for Attract changed in October 2018. If you want to use the ‘advanced’ features of Attract, you now need to buy an additional license (called the ‘Comprehensive Hiring Add-on’).

This add-on is licensed very differently from the rest of D365 in that you don’t pay by the seat for users. They’ve followed a model which is consistent with the rest of the SaaS ATS market, and they’re pricing it by organisational headcount. I’m not going to put prices here because it varies by geography etc and I’m sure some folks can negotiate better than I can. But yes, you will need to buy it.

Here’s what it gives you over and above the standard Attract:

If you want more info than this hit me up in a professional capacity via LinkedIn.

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